New from Etat Libre d'Orange: the Ghost in the Shell (2021)

Thanks to its lightweight alloy and silent motor, this latest-generation cyborg is designed to move as gracefully as a geisha

The metal shell is covered in ultrasophisticated latex, with a snowy-blushy complexion and a velvety, fresh texture. The nose perceives a delicate fragrance, intimate, and clean, as if the skin had recently been rubbed with a white flower soap bar.
The illusion of a young Japanese beauty dressed in a floral kimono is simply perfect.
While she smiles, bending her soft neck, no one could ever guess the metal disclosed within.

The trick, as old as the world, is that she must have no clue about it. She must imagine herself alive.

Yet, somehow, the doubt appears. 
The image she sees in the mirror would be perfect if it didn’t smell like that. 
Her eyes look deeper... maybe it was just a reflection? A ghost, more than a smell. 
Yet, it keeps appearing and disappearing: ethereal, elusive... 
A musky note, slightly vinylic. That single note, lingering amid all the other notes of her personal smell, instead of confirming her humanity, unmasks her cyborg nature. 
That genius, amazingly unnatural note conveys all the wonder and melancholy for her missing humanity.
She has no veins in which blood could flow. 
The moment she realizes it, this truth becomes a source of deep, incomprehensible, uncomfortable bewilderment.

This perfume is so beautiful, poetic, and poignant, it gave me the chills. 

The emotion was unexpected and really intense; it literally took my breath away. And it hadn’t happened in a while.
If you can, please go and wear it at least once, to understand what perfumery can be areally bout. 
Exceptional longevity on both skin and clothes and respectable radiance: The Ghost in the Shell is able to saturate the whole room. But quietly, gently, as an impalpable iridescent powder lingering in every direction


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